I Smell Like Beer

Rinsing your hair in beer is supposed to be very good for it.  The fact that I still smell like beer, though, makes me think that my shampoo is not actually that great.

On the other hand, folks who love beer are going to find themselves inexplicably drawn to me today, I bet.

2 thoughts on “I Smell Like Beer

  1. I call shennanigans! They say that all is fair in love and war, but walking around smelling like men’s favorite mind altering substance is cheating (on par with subliminal advertising). I would raise these concerns in person, but I don’t trust myself to behave as a proper married man when in the presence of a beer-soaked temptress*.* Don’t you love how the use of ‘temptress’ puts the fault on the single woman who ought to be indulging as many whims as she likes, instead of on the poor helpless man who would love to honor is vows but isn’t allowed to.

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