Lunch at the Mothership

The Butcher and I went to lunch at the Mothership and I have to tell y’all the cutest thing.  As we walked in,  Sarcastro was liveblogging from the Mothership for Nashville is Talking, so he’s sitting on one side of the table in his cute little bowling shirt and his lap top all set up typing away.  And right across from him, also just seemingly typing away at her laptop, is Knuck’s daughter!

They were each intently studying their screens, and it looked so darling, like they were playing the most intense game of Battleship ever.

So, when I walked in, I was, of course, all “God, Sarcastro, I knew you liked them small and blonde, but…”

And he’s all, “Oh very nice.  I’m sure her dad will love to hear you say that.”

Oh, but I didn’t tell you the best part.  So, in the chair next to Sarcastro, he had all the stuff he needed to make it through the shift, including his bottle of bourbon.  And in the chair next to Lil’ Knuck, she had all the stuff she needed to make it through the shift–a purple unicorn, a pink unicorn, and a brown horse.

I’m tell you folks, you have not lived until you’ve seen that grouchy man sitting at a table surrounded by cute stuffed animals.  It’s really too bad he was the only one with a camera, because I would have loved to have a picture of Mr. Hardass sitting across the table from this tiny little girl and her herd of stuffed horses.

Anyway, you can read all about how things went over at Nashville is talking.  It was really cool to see everyone–Kat, her husband, John H (who did have the coolest shirt on), Mark Rogers, Chris, Amanda (who still does not have a blog, even though she totally should) and Knuck’s lady, who is just so cool and sweet.  I wanted to have more of a chance to talk to her, but I got distracted just being loud and obnoxious.

And the weirdest thing?  My neighbor, the one who’s constantly giving me hobo updates, he and his wife came in, too.

So, good times.

11 thoughts on “Lunch at the Mothership

  1. B – more than a pleasure to hang out with you again and to finally meet the Butcher. You and Vali’s deal is the bext example of worlds colliding well.As I said before, my blog has served a noble purpose in a wonderfully indirect way.

  2. Newscoma, you run a major media outlet in your town. I think you should just start lobbying that the whole town pick up and move east. Towns relocate all the time–usually to get out of flood plains, but whatever. Move the whole town this way and come and eat and drink with us regularly!

  3. YO! You missed me by two minutes! And I hear a rumor that the Butcher was there…I want to see the Butcher. I imagine him having a handlebar mustache and that is glorious.

  4. Becca! I was telling everyone how you are the most awesomely brave threesome-initiator I’ve ever seen. And the Butcher was there, but he doesn’t have his handle-bar moustache at the moment, which we are all very sad about.

  5. I am pretty much responsible for half of Chris’ blog. And by that I mean I take credit when he writes 5,000 word essays on things to which I uh, showed him a link. B, you left way too soon. After we got our rib on, we went back to Becca’s house and drank a bottle and a half of tequila.

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