Poor Mrs. Wigglebottom

Y’all I was so excited to tell you about our trip to the park, which was an adventure of awesome funness and awesomenanity, in which we saw this small electric blue bird and I wanted to ask y’all if you knew what it was.  And then I was going to tell you about how muddy Mrs. Wigglebottom got playing in the puddle and how she had a bath and got Frontlined*, but I am distressed!

Mrs. Wigglebottom is walking with a “noticeable” limp.  And I say “noticeable” in quotes because if she catches you looking at her, she immediately tries to pretend like she’s not limping, though that seems to involve her sitting down  or laying down or doing something cutely distracting.  But when she thinks I’m not looking, she’s limping pretty bad.  I can’t tell if it’s her hip that’s bugging her or her back left foot.

I’ve looked at the foot pretty carefully and poked around between her toes and the pad to see if she’s cut or scraped or anything.  I don’t see anything and I’ve prodded at things just to see if she’ll yelp or growl or something else that says “Yikes, that hurt,” but nothing.

So, I’m concerned.

I guess my plan is to observe it for a while and see if it seems to be getting worse.  She doesn’t seem unhappy or unlike herself.

I hope she’s not getting hip problems.  That would really suck.  But you know, she seems to have a knot over her left hip.  I’m going to sit down with her and see if I can’t massage it out and see if that helps.  Also, she’s licking at the hip.  So, that’s my diagnosis.  I think her hip is bugging her, not her foot.

On the upside, if we do have to go to the vet, Mrs. Wigglebottom is clean, deflead, and full of heartworm medicine, so we won’t look otherwise negligent.



*Which reminds me, the cats need to also have their Frontline applied.  I will buy a bottle of the nicest Scotch I can afford to whomever can put that on those cats and a.) get all of each application on each cat and b.) live to tell.

3 thoughts on “Poor Mrs. Wigglebottom

  1. "she immediately tries to pretend like she’s not limping, "Our dogs are such freakin’ opposites. Quinn is a huge drama queen. He often fake-limps to get extra attention and spoilage.

  2. Here’s a hint on how to try to Frontline the cats. Get a pillow case(preferably an old one or one you’re willing to sacrifice), catch the cat and put them in the pillowcase. Wrap them up real tight and then either pull their head out for application or snip a small hole in the pillow case to apply the medicine through. This works especially well for a trip to the vet or vaccinations and you shouldn’t get too scratched. They’re still going to be pissed at you, but you can hold them and control them this way.I buy a couple of pillow cases at Goodwill for this use from time to time. Good Luck.

  3. I’m decent with cats (have 4) if you get desperate. I have one right now that gets 1ml liquid med each morning, 2ml liquid each night, and 1/2 pill every other day. Seems to be going okay. I’ve also managed to bathe the cats in the tub and clip their nails every few weeks. Let me know if you need my expert assistance. :)

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