I have been made acutely aware that many of you are growing tired of the blatant bias here at Tiny Cat Pants.  While Tiny Cat Pants has never been an advocacy blog, where I sit around and tell y’all what you should do and you go out and do it, like some kind of mini-Kos, I guess that I can appreciate that, when I complain about things, some people feel like I’m trying to nag them into changing their behavior.

I feel like I must take this moment to remind folks that I am not the last opinion on anything.  I don’t know what’s best for you; I can only tell you what my experiences have been and show you the reasons why I have drawn the conclusions that I’ve drawn.

Some of you, I think, have come to the conclusion that I am a “hater.”  And I suppose it doesn’t matter that I’ve lived in housefuls of them, that some of my closest companions have been them, and that, even now, I still prefer their company two-to-one to the company of the folks I’m supposedly unreasonably biased towards.

You’ve formed your opinions.  And, honestly, I’ve looked back over the past two and a half years worth of writing here at Tiny Cat Pants, and I think you have a point.

I clearly do seem to give preferential treatment to Mrs. Wigglebottom at the expense of the cats.

5 thoughts on “Bias

  1. Do your cats have names? You may have mentioned them at some point, but I don’t recall.Are your cats famous? Is that why you protect their identity?So many questions I have. Answer you may, or may not.

  2. You are not a mini-Kos, and anyone who thinks so is deluded. You are too hard on yourself, B. I love this blog because it’s earnest and honest and never tries to be anything it’s not.Don’t change shit.

  3. I’m a dog person, admittedly so. I have five and a favorite although I have moments with all of them that are sweet and generous and loving.Tiny Cats in Pants makes me laugh. It is funny.Keep on keeping on, appropriate aunt.

  4. It is so hard not to complement you and inflate your head. You CRACK ME UP.By the way, could be my high speed cable or something but your site seems to load terribly slow for me.

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