Feminism: The Painful Truth

Y’all, because I feel like I’m failing to make myself understood, we must have a brief update on feminism Aunt B. style.

I have a two-pronged approach to feminism: 1.  Gentlemen, make some room for me.  2.  Gentlewomen, get your heads out of your asses.  Be self-assured, self-confident, self-reliant, and the smart, funny, brilliant people you can be.  Learn to get by on your own in the world so that you are an asset to yourself and everyone you’re entwined with.  Don’t use sex to manipulate people.  Etc.  Me included.

My whole heart lies with stopping this nonsense that we women do to ourselves and each other, which often has little to do with anything to do with men, except as how we set them up as boogey-man excuses for not being brave enough to do right by ourselves.

HOWEVER, gentlemen, if you say or insinuate something that is going to make women’s lives more difficult, I’ll probably call you on it (Kleinheider).  AND I’m going to tease you.  I just am.  If you don’t like to be teased, well, then, I don’t know what to tell you.  You’re going to have a boring life.  And if you don’t get that I tease you because I love you, then it’s no wonder there are so few of you at the Tiny Cat Pants orgies.

3 thoughts on “Feminism: The Painful Truth

  1. "Don’t use sex to manipulate people. Etc. Me included." Does this mean I can’t tease you anymore????

  2. Oops. Ha, no I meant that I need to learn to follow those rules, not that folks shouldn’t regularly try to get me to touch their tits. Just don’t hold out on me in order to try to force me into taking you to dinner.

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