It’s Like a Soap Opera

It turns out that Roger Abramson may not be a conservative, but may instead be one of those snooty "elitists" we keep hearing so much about.  Yes, folks, the accusations flying against Abramson at the moment can be boiled down to one thing:  The fact that Abramson is so smart makes his conservative credentials suspect.

Let’s just let that wash over us, slowly like corn syrup drizzling across our cool skin.

Ah, yes.

Conservatives are up in arms about Abramson writing too much and, thus, appearing elitist and snooty.  Lest we forget, these are also the same people who were pissed at Sarcastro for such treacherous behavior as wanting things spelled correctly.

Apparently, there’s an informal movement afoot to purge the right wing of people who can read and write.

I laugh.

Not very hard, though, because we’ve seen the Democratic party over and over again try to pander to the core of the right-wing, so I’m sure that, just as we now have to suffer through "we can reach a compromise on abortion as long as you women just shut the fuck up and let us men talk" and "we have to stop alienating religious people so you liberal church goers who are offended by our pandering to the fundamentalists need to shut the fuck up" and other forms of "let us go after the right’s special interest groups while we mock our core constituencies for being loud special interest groups" nonsense, I’m sure the second someone points out the conservative movement away from basic literacy, the Democrats will jump right in to try to woo the folks on the right by claiming that, though a lot of Democratic candidates went to college, they didn’t actually learn anything while they were there.


3 thoughts on “It’s Like a Soap Opera

  1. Heh. What’s the old saying, HL Mencken I believe, "Not all conservatives are stupid. But all stupid people are conservative"…

  2. I was just remarking to my sister today that there seems to be a concerted effort to make people proud to be mediocre — anything that smacks of intelligence is to be ridiculed ala global warming or the NY Times is intellectual and elitist. Heaven forbid anyone be intellectual. Just shut up, sit down and enjoy "Blue Collar TV".

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