Pot Calls Kettle Black; Kettle Retaliates

I had to add a category called "The Conservative Soap Opera" just to reflect the fact that it’s getting ugly over there on the Right side of the Blogosphere.

When last we chatted, right before I had lunch with the fabulous and witty CeeElCee, Roger Abramson was too smart for his own good.  Now, Smantix*, a right-wing blogger just about as pleasant as a jagged metal Krusty-o, has accused Kleinheider of being "this crypto-nazi."

Kleinheider has responded thusly, "Smantix, I’m not crypto-anything — not politically anyway. If I were an admirer of National Socialism, I would tell you." 

If this were a real soap opera, of course, we’d learn that Smantix was carrying the baby of Kleinheider’s father, thus making Smantix’s potential son Kleinheider’s half brother and the rival heir to the Kleinheider family fortune.  But maybe that comes next!



*Some of you may remember Amanda (whom I would link to if she had a blog) accosting Smantix and, I believe, offering to punch him in the nose at the last blogger get together. 

16 thoughts on “Pot Calls Kettle Black; Kettle Retaliates

  1. I still can’t believe I missed it when Amanda called Smantix crazy to his face. I would pay hard money to see that again.

  2. Is it wrong for me to wear the good bra just for Kleinheider? Do you think Smantix will come next Thursday? And where is this place?

  3. It is part of the GEC on Broadway. It is this tall towery looking bar. Hard to miss.Do I think Smantix will come? I can only hold my breath and hope. (Wear the good bra.)

  4. Now, now. Aunt B, Just because you’ve been letting your apple pie cool on the window sill hoping to lure young Opie Kleinfelter to grab a slab is no reason for such rumormongering. Maybe if you shooed the flies away from it first.Now I’m being punched by the greatest little steakhouse hostess Belmont ever produced??? That fish tale gets bigger every time you tell it!

  5. Oh, Smantix, much like fish, each kind of man needs his own particular lure. For Kleinheider, it’s the promise of sweet pie. And you? I know you can’t resist making sure that people know that Amanda didn’t get the better of you by *that* much.But a careful read shows that I was merely suggesting that she offered to punch you, not that she actually did. You don’t think we’d actually stand by and let her mess up that pretty little face of yours, do you?But of course, I forgot. Pretending to be semi-literate is all the rage among you right-wingers these days. Sorry. Of course you didn’t read my post carefully (wink, wink).I was going to tell you how funny I found your comment, but humor takes a certain amount of intelligence and I wouldn’t want to out you as having a brain and thus risk turning your fellow conservatives against you.

  6. Opie Kleinfleter? That’s one to be proud of!"And you? I know you can’t resist making sure that people know that Amanda didn’t get the better of you by *that* much."B, you owe me a new monitor. This one has diet Coke all over it.

  7. If you actually design some kick-ass sex toy, I promise to not call you anything negative ever again. "Oh, god, W.! Oh, god, W.!" is probably all I’d call you from then on out.

  8. Man, I love the internet. Here is this whole conversation going on about me. Hooray! Let’s set the record straight on a few issues:1. I worked at a steakhouse while I was going to Belmont which I think is a perfectly acceptable part time job for extra scratch while you are in college. 2. I didn’t threaten to punch smantix, although I am pretty sure I would win in a fight. I am lanky and have a long reach. Additionally:1. How the holy Hell does smantix know I worked as a hostess in a steakhouse 5 years ago? That’s weird. *gets up and pulls the blinds shut*2. If you guys buy me drinks on Thursday I will yell at whoever you want. I’m cheap like that.

  9. "I am pretty sure I would win in a fight. I am lanky and have a long reach." Yes! You said that that night. But if it wasn’t about Smantix… Did you threaten to punch Sarcastro?God, please don’t tell me I’m going to have to apologize to Smantix for getting him confused with Sarcastro.

  10. Me threatening to punch Sarcastro really sounds like something that probably, definitely happened. Somehow though, no one sees any controversy there. You are all nodding your heads and thinking "oh yeah, I *get* that".

  11. If you did, I laughed in your face and you still didn’t punch me.I was standing there and I’m pretty sure you threatened to punch Smantix. It was during whatever little saber rattling that you two had going on.

  12. With Kleinheider’s huge and virile manhood, I wouldn’t be surprised if Smantix was carrying his baby.

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