Things to Do Today

  1. Take a shower.
  2. Do some dishes.
  3. Lay around on the couch with the dog.
  4. Talk the Professor into going to get some ice cream.
  5. Maybe change out of black t-shirt for that.
  6. Drink beer.

Gosh, I’m exhausted just thinking about the long, hard day of work ahead of me.

7 thoughts on “Things to Do Today

  1. First, I think that 5 shoudl come before 4. As well, I think you need to update that you’ve talked me into it. I’m finally about to nap and then I’ll be better company for ice cream soon.

  2. I’m trying to get in touch w/Jim Reams if anyone knows how to contact him it is quite important.Thank You, Kristi xxx-xxxx/xxx-xxxx[edited by me, for the obvious reasons. b.]

  3. Kristi, you’ve got to admire a person who puts her whole name and phone numbers out there on the internet. Let me know when you reconsider the wisdom of that move and I’ll delete them.I emailed Jim and told him you were looking for him.

  4. You know, clearly what the Knuck needs is some kind of Knuck signal. That way, whenever someone needed him, they could just shine the Knuck signal and he could race to the Knuck phone and learn what problem he needed to solve.

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