Homosexual Powers

So, the Butcher and I are watching MSNBC and they’re covering all of the "controversy" surrounding the new Superman movie.  And the girl talking head asks the boy talking head, "So, is this the gay Superman?" and the boy talking head responds that it does indeed seem to have a certain gay sensibility, because there are so many lingering shots of Superman’s body.

Okay, let’s never mind that Superman has been flying around in skin tight underwear since his inception in the 1930s, wearing eye-catching red briefs designed to invite the viewer to linger and ponder all of his super abilities.  And let’s never mind that Superman has girlfriends and, apparently, a child.

The question is not "So, in this movie, is Superman a homosexual?" but something more "sinister": Is this a big gay movie about Superman?  Does watching this movie and enjoying it mean I’m gay?

Okay, I don’t actually know if that second part is implicit in the question, but there seems to be no other explanation.  Superman is clearly a heterosexual.  It’s true that some superheroes seem to have gay subtext, but Superman’s subtext seems to all be about being madly in love with a woman who all evidence suggests would love you if only she could see the real you, but, alas, she thinks you’re something of a square.

So, what exactly could possibly make Superman a "gay" movie?  Because it’s directed by a gay man?

If so, holy shit, homosexuals, you are a bunch of idiots!  No, seriously, I’m sorry to have to be so harsh with you, but there it is: you are idiots.  You may not have noticed but this country is a little hostile towards you.  We don’t let you get married.  When you make elaborate contracts with each other in order to protect your rights and wishes, we take you to court and have those contracts nullified.  We accuse you of being child molesters and deviants and ruining our country and pissing off God.  Things kind of suck for you.

And here you’ve been sitting on this magical ability to turn things gay merely by bossing the people involved in those things around!  You can, for instance, turn a movie gay just by being the director.  This explains why you can’t get married.  You will, with your super powers, turn all marriages gay the very first time you turn to your attendants and say, "Here, you hold the rings."

Okay, folks, let’s put these things together: you live in a country exceedingly hostile towards you; you have the ability to turn things gay just by bossing the people involved in them around.  You could infiltrate all levels of society and turn it into a great big gay country merely by taking on positions of authority and bossing people around.

Become a bailiff–ta da!  Our judicial system is gay.  Become a traffic cop–voila! Commuting is gay.  Coach football–surprise!  Football is gay.

Okay, clearly this is a great idea.  It makes all of society more gay-friendly because it makes all of society gay.

So, get on it!


Unless, of course, it works both ways and I, by ordering folks around, have just turned an attempt to make everything in our society gay into the utmost in heteronormativity.  Oops.  Sorry.

8 thoughts on “Homosexual Powers

  1. I believe, technically, you’d have to say that I’ve brought the Man of Steel argument to a whole new level.

  2. Hey, if lingering shots of men’s bodies is promoting a gay agenda, what does this tell us about the gay agenda of country music, as revealed by the videos on CMT?

  3. Pardon me for being obvious and kind of off topic. But can I, as a straight dude who hasnt seen the movie (but has read a lot of comic books), say something about the "lingering shots of Superman’s body"? One thing superheroes do is glorify the male body. I don’t know if there’s a homosexual element to this; no doubt in some cases there is. But apart from any kind of homosexual desire, that is something many young boys, gay or straight, need–to see and identify with that glorified male body. And that’s part of what’s going on with Superman "flying around in skin tight underwear". Oh, wait, that statement is incorrect, actually. In the 30s, he didn’t fly. He just jumped really high. You know, "able to leap tall buildings…". That meant literally leap.

  4. Well, thing is, I argue that there is such a thing as a gay aesthetic and I can think of a couple of movies that have exhibited this. Memoirs of a Geisha (I would, if I could, link to my blog post on the movie) is one and the Joel Schumacher directed Batman sequel is another. Of course, the Batman legends lend themselves to this, though Schumacher avoided the obvious "subtext" with the Bruce/Dick (ha) relationship to his credit (or cowardice, however you feel about it).So, I think there are "Gay" movies. Insert tired Seinfeld episode reference here.

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