I Wonder How Those Meetings Go

Y’all may not know this, but the Wayward Boy Scout is a founding member of RWGNFDD, which, unfortunately, doesn’t have the ease of actually being a word people can say like MADD.  I guess you could kind of go “Rawgnfidd.”  But rawgnfidd is lacking a certain poetry necessary to really catch on.  And, what if you’ve been drinking on the way to the meetings?  When the officer pulls you over and asks what you’re doing, and you say, “Ossifer, I’m on my way to a rawgnfidd meeting.” I’m almost certain you’re getting the breathalyzer.  It just sounds like a drunken slur of a word.

But maybe that’s fitting.

Anyway, for fun you should head on over to his place to learn more about the mission of Right Wing Gun Nuts for Drunk Driving.  Also, you might want to ask him to give the rest of the world a head’s up on where he usually drives, just so if we inadvertently find ourselves in those states, we can be extra cautious.

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