All the random stuff that has happened to me since this morning

My beloved car is now in the shop.  I don’t know for how long, but hopefully not some terrible amount.  I’m driving a little Dodge Neon.  Bless its heart, it is loud.

I miss my car already. 

I had lunch with Fritz from TV on the Fritz, a mostly defunct local blog, which I will link to anyway, just because.  We were discussing the chances of us coming up with enough signatures to get our own pro-choice, pro-gay licence plate, but I don’t know that we came up with any good slogan.  "Choose life" has such a nice, if hollow ring to it.

He also told me he loved me, which is a nice way to end lunch.  And I did not make him a napkin cooter this time, so maybe my social graces are improving.

Things I Think

1. My shoulder still hurts! This “exercise” y’all do is just crazy. Sure, you feel better and get lovely shoulder freckles, but damn.

2. On the other hand, I’m bummed that it’s raining so the dog and I didn’t get to go for our morning walk.

3. She is so cute!

4. I take the car into the shop today. God bless the Professor. I have to tell you guys, I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to organizing my life (I know, no surprise). I can see everything that has to get done, but exercising an efficient plan for how that’s going to happen? I have a tough time with that. Today, I have to take the car in, go pick up the rental car, and get back to have lunch with TV on the Fritz. Even writing it out would seem to make it apparent how that should happen, but internally, it feels that all those things must happen at once and… yikes! But the Professor calls and I’m all like “I have to go drop off the car and pick up the rental car and get to lunch all at once” and it’s so ridiculous that at first she couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Finally she was like, “I’ll follow you to drop your car off, then I’ll drive you to the rental place” and I was suddenly panic stricken because I’d not figured out how to get from one place to the other and then relieved that there was a way to do this that made sense.

Ha, often I feel like I am adrift in the world without common sense. And that, also, my default setting is “worry” so when things happen, I just instantly go into “worry” instead of into “rational, calm thought about how to rectify the problem.”

5. We went to the Mothership for lunch before the movie. It was, as always, fabulous. And Knuck came out and talked to us while we ate. It just made me happy. I was saying to the Butcher that I’m sometimes a little jealous of his ability to just go into situations and meet people and make friends. I mean, he’s been here six months less than me and he knows a shit ton of people and has since about six months of moving here and I have just now found a community of folks I know. He’s all like, “Well, drugs makes it a lot easier.” So, there you go. Yet another drawback to being square.

Anyway, I really like going into a restaurant and knowing the owner and recognizing some of the other folks who eat there. It makes me feel at home.

6. The recalcitrant brother called me to make fun of my car situation. I can’t even tell you guys how much that means to me. He’s been so distant for such a long time and we could go six or eight months without talking. And now? Now he calls and he doesn’t want anything. He’s not making any plans. He just wants to tease me a little. It kind of makes me cry.

7. Well, I guess I have to go get ready for work, since I neglected this weekend to marry a millionaire who wants me to lounge around his pool all day taking breaks only to stroll his palatial estate with the dog.

So, I thought that Mrs. Wigglebottom was upstairs asleep.  And I was emptying out the car of anything valuable so that I can leave it in the shop for however long it’s going to be in the shop and so the front door was wide open.  I thus deposited all our CDs in the house, locked the door, got in the car, and there was Mrs. Wigglebottom, in the car with me, ready to go off on whatever adventure I would take her on.

Sorry Mrs. Wigglebottom.  Back in the house with you.