Watching People You Like Fight

Oh, yes, the irony of this post.  Yes, I know.

Both Rexes were there last night–L. Camino and Hammock.  Hammock and I were talking briefly about the Mothership Barbecue and the recent dust-up on the blog about what a business blog might look like.  Part of me appreciates seeing a discussion of what something is in that something, but part of me also hates watching Dr. Funkenswine and CeeElCee go at it.  I assume they know the depth and breadth of their friendship and the ways it can be counted on to carry you over disagreements and the times that it can’t.  But I’m not sure.

So, I read because I think they’re arguing over important things that there are no easy answers for, but I cringe because I don’t know how much they are personally invested in the fight.

9 thoughts on “Watching People You Like Fight

  1. We have officially buried the rib.Mothership’s success trumps idiotic rantings about the sanctity of blogging from people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.That would be me, by the way…

  2. You and me both, B. I was kinda not liking this brief feud with the boys, but, I knew cause they’ve been friends since forever, they’d fixt it.I did think I was going to have to send them to their corners for a minute there.

  3. You sure you want to get my Charles K. Wolfe/Eddie Stubbs side going? I’m dangerous when I talk Kitty Wells and Ernest Tubb, now.I actually have been places where Dr. Wolfe was. He was something else.

  4. I took his folklore class while at MTSU. I should have conversed with you on the subject as well, Sista.By the way, I work with Ernest Tubb’s daughter. Her son works there too, but I’ve never actually worked with him.

  5. Ah. Good thing I didn’t then. I may not be the most socially graceful person in any given room but I do pride myself in not making the people around me cry.

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