Oh, I see

Christian Grantham replies (not in a way that actually addresses the meat of my post, just the emotional plea):

As far as I know, proposed legislation banning pit bulls doesn’t call for killing pets, but I’ll look into that. According to the Tennessean, the proposed ban does call for banning people from owning pit bulls in dense neighborhoods. If a ban on pit bulls in Putnam County succeeds, I don’t see why people couldn’t still own pit bulls on 5 acres beside people who also own horses, chickens and other animals banned from dense neighborhoods.

This is so intellectually dishonest I’m almost embarrassed to have to refute it.  "As far as I know, proposed legislation banning pit bulls doesn’t call for killing pets, but I’ll look into that."–Well, kind sir, please tell me, what do you think is going to happen when a ban goes into effect?  If someone like me suddenly can’t own a pit bull, because it’s against the law, what do you think is going to happen to that dog?

Of course you don’t see "why people couldn’t still own pit bulls on 5 acres" because you’re that kind of liberal.

Nice, real nice.

Well, here in the old-fashioned end of the progressive pool, most of us can’t afford to just run out and buy land out in the country when the city makes asinine law.  But you know, I’ve been around you rich liberals long enough to know that legislating the shit out of the lives of poor people is your favorite hobby right after bitching about how much you do to help us compared to conservatives and yet the blue collar just moves right against our own self-interests, what idiots we are.

So, you still haven’t addressed what dogs will be covered by this ban, because you know as well as I do that "pit bull" is an almost meaningless term.  You also haven’t addressed how officers will recognize which dogs qualify for the ban and which do not, because you know that the term is a catch-all that means pretty much any stocky muscular dog that makes you afraid.  And now, you’ve revealed yourself to believe that the problem isn’t so much the dogs as it is that poor people own them.

Oh, we poor silly poor people!  How lucky we are to have you watching out for our interests because we’re too stupid to do it on our own!  Don’t we know that, if only we had some money and owned some property, we too could be allowed to do what we want with ourselves as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else?

But no, clearly our lack of money reveals us for the moral degenerates we are and proves us to be unable to own dogs, even if those dogs have never caused anybody any problem.

Well, shoot.  I’m going home to sit in my own filth and fuck whoever I can get my hands on and smoke some crack because lord knows, if I don’t have a Democrat sitting over my shoulder to make laws telling me what to do, I’ll just wallow in my unwealthy stupidity.


Two-Fer Tuesdays and Other Random Stuff

  • Wouldn’t it be great if a radio station played two versions of the same song one Two-Fer Tuesday? 

  • What did I do to be punished by never hearing of or from Christine Kittrell before this very moment?  I am in love.

  • For the next blogger meet-up, we should have it at a park with a place for kids to play, so that Ryan can attend.

  • Wayward Boy Scout, is it just me or is your method of arguing to just bring up any remotely relevant piece of information and demand it be addressed?  Christ, I swear, sometimes, in order to write something completely immune from attack by you it would have to be filled with so many caveats and footnotes that I could only make one small point a day.

  • Where does one find lavender?

Another Church in Another Small Town

My parents are moved.  They called last night.  My mom kept hanging up on me.  She claims it’s because they’re too close to the "dead spot" out by the highway.  And yet, my dad managed to talk to me for twice as long and not disconnect.

Still, there’s something good and creepy about having a "dead spot" out by the highway.  Someone should write a murder mystery where the murderer is someone who drives up I-57 enough to know of said "dead spot" and can lure his victims into it so that, even if they escape him, they cannot call for help on their cell phones.

They’re closer to my mom’s school, so my mom is trying to decide whether to give up her apartment.  I think she has really mixed feelings about it.  On the one hand, she loves my dad.  On the other hand… well, on the other hand, I love my dad and I live in Nashville. 

When all us kids first moved out (before we started moving back in), my parents would call me and talk about all the adventures they were having–what places they drove, who got mooned, what weird cow memorabilia they’d found, etc.

Then the recalcitrant brother moved back in with the crack whore in tow and then the dog and then the baby.  It was at that point my mom realized that my dad was never going to put his foot down and kick them out, and so she took a job far enough away that it was more cost-effective for her to have an apartment up there to live in during the week.

I think it saved their marriage.

But it’s just them again and I think they both imagine it could be like it was when we first left, all gardening and driving around and enjoying each other’s company.  And now that they’ve moved?  Well, it’s tempting to give it a try.

I guess it depends on how far a drive it is.  But I kind of hope she moves back in with him full time.

I’m all for love.