What is Weirder, Walking or the People who See You Walking?

If I weren’t me, I would be a copyright lawyer.  If I weren’t a copyright lawyer, I would be a theoretical physicist.  Is there anything more fun than sitting around thinking of metaphors for how the universe works? 

Space/time is like fabric and gravity is like ripples in that fabric.

The universe is like a jelly donut.

The smallest things in the universe are like strings.

Etc., etc., etc.

So, I’m walking the dog and freaking out just a little about how the only thing that keeps me, every time I’m stepping, from plunging through the earth and on out the back–since there’s more nothing in the universe than something–is, apparently, just the negative electrical charge of atoms repelling each other.  And this woman in a minivan stops and rolls down her window and asks, “Is your name Alison?”  I looked at her and say, “No” and she says, “Oh, well, you look just like Jack Clement’s daughter.  I thought you might be her.”

Shoot, who knows?  Maybe in another universe.

4 thoughts on “What is Weirder, Walking or the People who See You Walking?

  1. I did indeed. That’s what had me all freaked out about walking around the neighborhood this morning. I didn’t want to be that one person who fell into the street, like some kind of refugee from the Philadelphia experiment.

  2. I eat that shit up like a stoner in a dorito factory. M theory is where the real crazy shit is, though. Perchance we were once lovers, Aunt B/Peggy Sue ClementBeyond the rippling membrane of a rockabilly universeWe shook it all night longUntil the gravity of a distant donutBrought us downHere

  3. Aw, Huck. Don’t you be sweet talking me when I’m all out of my mind on cold medicine. I’ll start wandering over there and you’ll find me lost and writing poems devoted to you in crayon on the sidewalk in front of that McDonalds.I don’t think either of us want it to come to that.

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