Going to the Bank with the Butcher

It will shock you all to learn that the Butcher does not have a bank account.  It will shock you more to learn that the reason he doesn’t have a bank account is that he "doesn’t want to leave a paper trail." 

That man cracks me up.

So, we had to go to my bank so that we could do our usual "The Butcher signs his check over to me and I take all his money."  Seriously, a girl could get used to that being the usual.

Sadly, all that money’s going to pay off the credit card debt he helped me accumulate, so there’s no grand shower of wonderful, useless junk.

3 thoughts on “Going to the Bank with the Butcher

  1. I don’t know how this is going to make me sound, lonely probably, but to me there is no better feeling in the world than paying off a debt. Like, titillating, breathless, cathartic, need a cigarette afterward good. Finally paying off my big ass credit card may actually impregnate me…

  2. The freedom of no debt will feel amazing to you. I have to remind myself of that sometimes when I see everyone else around me having lots of cool stuff. I don’t have stuff. I don’t have anything new (including a vehicle from this century). I do have money and I get to decide every 2 weeks what I want to do with it, instead of just passing it all on to pay bills.I used to have debt and I used to have stuff, now I don’t and I’m much happier.I do have some spare Mason jars for the butcher to use for a homemade bank stash in the back yard if he wants them. Don’t laugh, at least it’s off the grid and no paper trail.

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