7 thoughts on “I Believe This Makes All Three Major Newspapers in Town

  1. God. Fine. I’m not actually involved at all. I just regularly drive by the head writer’s house and sometimes wave at her. I’ve just been telling folks that I helped write it because I thrive on the attention.

  2. It’s just been so hard for me. I don’t like to talk about my troubles, but I got the plague back in 96 and then my husband left me for a girl he met on the internet and I had to track him all over the Northeast in order to get him to sign the divorce papers and then I had to take a job on an illegal whaling ship in order to make ends meet and I lost part of my leg to a sperm whale and I came to Nashville to try to earn enough money to commission another boat to hunt it down, but lately I’ve been spending my time eating cockroaches and torturing puppies.I thought if I had one nice thing in my life to hang onto, I could maybe work up the courage to get into rehab and get the counselling my parole officer says I need.Still, it’s wrong to lie and I apologize.

  3. I can’t make it this weekend but I REALLY want to see this, so I’m trying for next weekend. Thanks for putting all the info up in an earlier post, I think I’m just going to put one of the dates on my calendar and as Capt Picard would say, "Make it so!"

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