Lindsay Says It Better than Me

Just before we get started, I wonder about all these Lindsays on the internet down here.  When I was growing up, the only Lindsay I knew was the Butcher’s age.  Girls my age were all named Jennifer.  Where are all these Lindsays coming from?

Anyway, Lindsay makes a beautiful and smart post about the ‘mommy wars’ and the class issues lying just under the surface.

In other fun feminist news, Chris Wage attempts to post about the other raging war in feminism at the moment–the great blow job war of 2006–and I give him a hard time and Amanda totally has my back.  Let me just say that Amanda is just the gutsiest motherfucker I have ever met.  I aspire to be half as bad ass as her.  And, keeping with all the Amanda love, if you’re looking for a good take down of the article with an explanation of what Twisty is up to, check out Amanda Marcotte’s piece.

Also, via Pandagon, Angela Merkel demonstrates how to appropriately respond when some jackass you barely know sneaks up behind you and grabs you on the shoulders.

Other shit is possibly going on in feminism today, but I am not the last word in feminist thought, so I don’t know what it is.

Holy shit!  I just realized that, since I am old enough to find grouching about the weather to be a fine subject for a blog post, these Lindsays could all very well be the Butcher’s age.  Wow and hmmm.

6 thoughts on “Lindsay Says It Better than Me

  1. Thanks for the link.When I was young, I was the only Lindsay around and people were continually claiming that Lindsey was a boy’s name.By the time I was in 10th grade, there were three Lindsay’s in my French class alone.I should really change it to L. Indsay to be one-of-a-kind again…

  2. When I was growing up, all my fellow Lindseys had ridiculous ways of spelling their names. Lynnsie, Lynzey, Lhynnsee. One of those I just made up, but it’s kinda hard to tell which.

  3. Exador, I’m nice like that. If a man has to reprimand a girl a number of times about flirting with his girlfriend, the least a girl can do is make sure he has a hard time in the blowjob wars.

  4. One thing that really jumps out to me in the Pandagon article is the dichotomy drawn between "male" preferred sex acts and "female" preferred sex acts. (I might be guilty of conflating ‘sex acts in which females are submissive’ with ‘male preferred sex acts’ and vice-versa here). Anyways, that’s pretty dumb. The article was already demolished with pointing out that none of the people quoted(save one, who was joking) are recognized as speaking for radical feminists. Isn’t the point of radical feminism to dismantle those sort of dichotomies? I thought it was a really odd counterproductive argument in an article where the case was already made through a far more effective argument.

  5. I think though, and I could be wrong, that the point she’s trying to make is that, for someone advocating for the right to do what she wants sexually, Bussel seems to lack imagination for what might be possible. To say, "Hey, ladies, everything’s on the table, from missionary sex to getting a load of cum in your face to not having sex at all" is not that radical (to use the word in a different sense). Those things were already on the menu.If you want to argue some kind of radical sex-positivity, give me grand, fun, enjoyable kinks I haven’t already thought of.I think that’s the critique Marcotte is trying to make (though maybe in a clunky fashion): if you’re going to posit yourself as a pro-sex feminist, let’s see some real examples of fun things to do outside of the typical heteronormative stuff we’re already well aware of.

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