6 thoughts on “The First Two Don’t Count

  1. He always does this, waits until it’s super hot to mow our lawn and then he gets out there in his long pants and won’t accept any water. I worry he’s going to do himself in.

  2. If he keels over and dies, dress him up as a hobo and drag him over to the hobo-hangout.You’ll live rent-free for years before they figure it out.

  3. That would be nice, but I thought you libertarians loved the free market. I think figuring out how to get out of my share of capitalism would have to go against your philosophy.

  4. Ok. I was going to let the coincidence of the simultaneous searching for the third line to a haiku thing go, but… Now your landlord and I are mowing our yards on the hottest day of the year simultaneously? Kooky.

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