Liveblogging the Folks

My parents arrive, dressed in melon orange shirts, and brown pants.

My dad complains about the state of the news, and how much time on the news is devoted to entertainment.

My mom demands I don’t speak until she gets back from the bathroom.

My dad demands the Butcher clean up the dog’s food.

Now we’re going someplace, I don’t know where.

"Is she telling unknown people stories that are none of their damn business?"

Yes, yes, I am.

The Sushi Verdict

My dad says, "If only I had known that you and your brother would eat whatever shit someone wrapped in cold rice, I could have gotten rid of a lot of leftovers a lot more easily.  Hell, I could have gotten rid of a lot of crappy pets…"

The Play

Sarcastro, the Professor, the Butcher, his friend, and I all went to see Faith/Doubt.

Honestly, I was worried they would find it hokey.  But instead, they liked it.

I’d write more, but I’m tired.