Bulldog Breeds

I found this awesome site and have been flipping through it looking at all the cute puppies.  Anyway, it’s got a good overview of all the bulldog breeds and the bull-and-terrier breeds and it nicely shows how all these breeds are of a similar type.

Anyway, it’s interesting and, did I mention?  Puppies!

5 thoughts on “Bulldog Breeds

  1. Puppies? Is there a Mr. Wigglebottom who has knocked up the Mrs? I thought she was a eunuch….?

  2. Oh, sorry. No, I just meant that there are lots of pictures of puppies on that page. I like to look at them and imagine what it would be like to have a puppy, since I got the Mrs. when she was already a year or two old. I feel like I missed out some.

  3. There’s nuthin’ cuter than a fat, wriggly, bulldog or bull terrier pup. Like little piggies. Hehe – now I gotta go get me some puppy sugah.

  4. No, no puppsters at my house, but my neighbors raise beagles – which are almost as cute. They’ll do in a pinch, anyway. ;)

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