Other Random Nice Things

1.  The Diet Coke at the Mothership–even though it squirted on me today.  It’s got a nice, smooth taste to it.  Everything at the Mothership is good, but the Diet Coke is just a nice little surprise.  You don’t expect anything extraordinary, but BAM! there it is.

2.  Purity 0% Plus milk.  I hate skim milk.  I let the Butcher talk me down from 2% to 1% when he was working out at the airport because we were trying to be healthier after the “incident.”  But blech.  Too watery.  And skim milk?  An insult to milk.  But Purity’s 0% Plus?  It’s fabulous. I don’t care how they do it.  They might ground up babies or puppies or use the sweat of hairy butt cheeks to get it that way.  I love it.

3.  Page 97 of this book I’m reading.  It has a great big picture of Ernest Tubb’s band playing downtown, on a make-shift stage that looks to me to be right about where the Library is now.   Butterball Paige is on the bass.  You don’t meet a lot of dudes named Butterball any more.

5 thoughts on “Other Random Nice Things

  1. Oh my god! Are you and the Mrs. trying for another kid? An army of small Butterballs with which to take over the world?

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