“You’d Be So Nice to Come Home to”

I’m just listening to Nina Simone singing "You’d Be So Nice to Come Home to" and one of the things that just kills me about it is how song starts off all instrumental and it builds and builds and builds and you think that she’s just going to come in and hit that "You’d be so nice to come home to" as hard as she can, to match the ferocity of the band.

But no, the band circles around and around and around until you just about can’t stand it and she just sneaks in there under the piano and smoothly just lays in "you’d be so nice to come home to/ you’d be so nice by the fire / while the breeze on high sings a" and then she just belts "lullaby / You’d be all my heart could desire" like she and the piano are entwined.

I just love it–how she can take a simple song like that and turn it into something that makes you dizzy to listen to it.

5 thoughts on ““You’d Be So Nice to Come Home to”

  1. That’s her playing the piano, too. How must it be to be crazy-great in two things at once?

  2. OMG, B., YOUR A NINA FAN.I honestly will kiss you on the mouth, with your permission of course, the next time I see you.My favorite, Mississippi Goddamn.

  3. She’s the piano player on that, too? Damn. I can’t even walk and chew gum, let alone play the piano like that and sing.Newscoma! Right on the mouth? Shoot. Well. Wow. Cool. I guess that love oil works!

  4. Thanks for that. I’m a longtime Nina Simone fan, too. Her best stuff can indeed make one dizzy with aural delight.I highly recommend her autobiography. Just her tale of how she came to write Mississippi Goddam is enough to remind us all of the beautiful power of music.

  5. listening to Nina Simone is removing yourself from self, and stepping into whatever realm she wants to put u in. "you’d be so nice to come home to" is quintessential Nina. Just the introduction of her piano is a ramification of each instrument played…brilliant

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