I Have Strange Fantasies

I was thinking today how much fun it would be to ride around in the back seat while Sarcastro and Smiley tooled* around Nashville pointing things out.

I just think it would be neat to have a tour of a city I already know well from people who know it just as well, if not better.

Whenever I show people around town, I always point out where Zora Neale Hurston lived.  Well, where I presume she lived.  And I like to show them the city cemetery and the Bluegrass Inn.  I’ve also kind of started incorporating Fort Negley into my “must see” places.

I’m just curious about what other people think of as important landmarks, not for outsiders, but just for themselves.



*Y’all use the word ‘tool’ to mean drive or is that a Midwestern thing?  We used to tool the strip all the time.

9 thoughts on “I Have Strange Fantasies

  1. I would show you my old house, my old schools, the little apartment house on 16th Avenue, just as you turn off Wedgewood, across from Belmont…. boring places to others, I’m sure.

  2. I could show you the porch where a St. Bernard cornered me while walking home from school in 3rd grade thus turning me off dogs for life. My trick or treating route. The convenience store we used to walk to for bubble gum and to play Pac Man. The apartment where I lost my virginity. And of course the Church that started my illustrious blogging career…

  3. Ahh, I used to have the car for it. Now B. knows I have a lumbering Tahoe which guzzles gas, spews hydrocarbons and barely conditions air.That’s why I’m riding the bus occasionally and looking at new wheels.It’s been said that Nashville is a town where you can give directions using nothing but churches, Krispy Kremes and liquor stores. I find myself talking more about what used to be there. "You turn right at the Hampton where Father Ryan used to be and come out between where West End Sandwich Shop and Tower records was. Turn right toward where the Krystal was and head toward Rio Bravo, err…Stony River is."I guess this is what happened while I was watching all that cable TV.

  4. Tammy and George’s house out on Franklin Road, the view from Love Circle resevoir at when the lights start coming on (you have to step lightly amongst the lovers), Fisk campus, esp Jubilee Hall, the pedestrian bridge at night..the lighting is great, the view from Jefferson Street of the Bicentennial Mall, when you are facing the capital and you see how wonderfully the mall was designed, Brown’s Diner (where my baseball buddies and I have met for 23 straight years for opening day), gravity hill at Edwin Warner park, the incredible houses on Russell street off of 5th in East Nashville, the Parthenon (the temple built on the highest point in Athens..we found the flattest stretch of ground in Nashville and built ours).When I was a kid and visitors came to our house, my dad would drive them around town, and then out to the governor’s mansion. If the gate was open on the driveway, he would drive up the driveway to the back of the mansion, each time proclaiming, "I’m helping pay for this place, so I get to drive on the driveway". I was alternatelyl thrilled at his bravado and scared to death the THP were going to dragoon us into some special jail for trespassers.

  5. I use the word tool the same way and am a southerner. However, it also occurred to me that you might be obliquely calling your speculative tour guides tools. Or, you know, not.

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