Lunch with the Conservatives

Roger Abramson has summoned Sarcastro, me, and Coble to lunch today.

I can’t even imagine what horrors await me.  Will they make me shoot a gun?  Say grace?  Say ma’am?  And if I ain’t into that?  I dread to think.

In honor of my conservative lunchmates, I will buy gas before I go and then spend the afternoon looking at maps of Nashville from the 1950s down at the State Archives.  I will also practice clutching my pearls.  I want them to feel comfortable around me, even though I am a great big scary liberal.

13 thoughts on “Lunch with the Conservatives

  1. Are we to now understand that Roger is edified by you?Man, he invited my pantheon of bloggers. I wish I could eat the crumbs…

  2. Kleinheider, you know I still love you, even if I play around once in a while. I had no idea, for instance, that Sarcastro was such a ladies–er, I mean–man’s man. But I learned. Yes indeed, I learned.

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