Saturday Things

1.  We went to the park today.  Guess who’s limping?  Guess who’s going to the vet when we get a little money ahead?

2.  In better news, Mrs. Wigglebottom had a bath and has been deflead.

3.  I had lunch with John H. over at the Mothership.  It was really nice.  We had a long, meandering conversation punctuated by visits from Knuck between customers.

4.  I blame the Professor for my dirty house.  No, hear me out.  When is our house the cleanest?  When the Professor comes over and keeps me company while I clean.  And she’s off being all brilliant in Canada, so I’ve been farting around doing barely enough to slide by.

5.  Lindsey just rocks the feminist house today with her post on this man’s man bullshit.  The only nit I’d pick is that she neglects to point out just how openly gay the whole thing is–“After decades of uncompromising movie heroes like Marlon Brando and Clint Eastwood, we were asked to fall for stuttering, floppy-haired fops like Hugh Grant” [emphasis mine]. 

6.  Speaking of men, I like hairy chests.  Can we be done with the waxing and the shaving and the whatever?  Thanks.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Things

  1. It’s so funny you mention that, because I tried for about 15 minutes to spin a paragraph or two about how simultaneously homoerotic and homophobic Nirpal’s natterings are, but I totally couldn’t make anything stick.

  2. Okay, I’m hopeing to not get on another plane for at least 6 weeks, hopefully a full 2 months. So, you can have a clean house again soon because I’m here again. Maybe this week you can clean and I can determine final grades for my mostly lazy and idiot students. And, I can tell you the rest of the travel stories from the great north country. There’s the smelly flight home as well as my French lessons from the local brewer, Benoi, just to spark your interests.

  3. Oh, Aunt B, the feeling’s mutual. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to articulate something but couldn’t and then come over here to TCP and just been floored by your effortless reasoning.

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