I Tease Because I Love

Is there a word for when something is both itself and the pitch perfect parody of itself?

Do you know what I mean?

Like “Flash Gordon.”  That’s both a movie and the perfect send-up of movies like that.

Or there’s this new show on A&E, The Blind Designer, about a dude who is completely blind and yet does interior design.  Sincerely.  It’s not some mocking look at the ridiculous premises of some of these design shows–and yet, it is.

And today, there’s Exador’s latest post, which is both exactly the kind of thing he would write (and did) and nearly word for word the exact post I would write if I were writing a post purporting to be him but intended to make fun of him.  Yes, this is the post in which Exador claims he’s tired of footing the bill for people suffering from AIDS who are on disability.

I guess if a man with no heart can hold a job, why can’t other people with seemingly life-threatening conditions?

2 thoughts on “I Tease Because I Love

  1. B, you really have to quit downing Flash Gordon. It’s the best movie EVAH. I was so excited when I saw On Demand had it. Those poor hawkmen….

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