Not My Child

I know a lot of folks think of their dogs like their children.

My dog, however, eats poop.

And, as much as I love Mrs. Wigglebottom, I have a hard time thinking that the similarities between us, amazing though they are precisely because they cross species, trump the fact that she eats poop.

And likes it.

11 thoughts on “Not My Child

  1. My dog that just died had a thing for that, too. It made me sick. Somebody told me once that when they do that, there’s some kind of nutrient they’re lacking and that nutrient can be found in ketchup. Now, whether or not this is true, I do not know.Maybe we should ask Uncle Cee’s friend, The Dog Doc.

  2. It would be so awesome if the Dog Doc had a blog. I think, based on the proximity to doing something good, that the poop eating may be a way of rewarding herself for good behavior.We’re working on not acting like a wild jackass every time we see another dog. I’d like for her to just ignore those other dogs, but we’ve struck a nice middle ground of acknowledging them by having all the hair down our backs stand up and our tail stick straight out and us watching them intently, but still walking by without pulling on the leash or barking and lunging at the other dog.It’s only taken five years, but we’ve gotten to the point where it’s not traumatic for me when she sees other dogs.And so, we’d just seen another dog, I’d just heaped praise upon her, but not in an unseemly manner that would make her more excited, and that’s when she ran over to eat the poop.So, I think she saw it as a reward for good behavior.I could be wrong. Where’s a pet psychic when we need one?

  3. Ew, my L. does that too sometimes and I always yank her away. Actually I should brush her teeth too – we have this liver-flavored toothpaste that she really likes. Hmm: Maybe if she could she’d put ketchup on the poo.Ew!Anyway love your blog, despite my odd set of comments here.

  4. i’m not much for dog’s but i’ve got relies how are and that’s kind of discusting but maybe it’s nechriance or even a reward for good behaver but either way it’s discusting but if it has it’s benifits then it’s all fight just as long as it dosen’t tack somthing away

  5. I have talked to the Dog Doc about this very thing. Dogs eat things like poop and grass and other stuff because they like to. (How could we really know "why" a dog eats poop?) When a vet gives you some answer explaining it is for an upset stomach or nutrients or his territory or something, he’s making it up to make you happy.

  6. Knuck, you’re like the Zen master of dogs! How could we really know ‘why’ a dog eats poop, indeed?

  7. I refuse to use things like "LOL" or "ROFLMAO" (although I did break down and send Uncle Cee some of these today {{{{{{{}}}}}}}} cause I didn’t know what else to say, however, they were used in jest, still) because I think it’s ridiculous, however, my Dear Aunt B. and Dearest Knucklehead, y’all have just made me wish I had some Depends in the closet. My cats (who worship the ground I walk on even though I can’t stand them) love, love, love to puke early in the morning. Wake up from a sound sleep to that awful hacking-up-a-hairball sound. Like Mabel, Emily and Crystal do it just to piss me off. The Zen Master of dogs…aahahahahahhahahahaha!

  8. Don’t ever tell the Butcher this, but sometimes when the cats have hacked up what appears to just be a giant pile of food, I let the dog eat it so I don’t have to clean it up myself.It’s wrong. I know. I’m so ashamed.

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