Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Brittney’s a badass

And my love is true.

Ah, y’all.  The Conservative Soap Opera has spilled over onto the liberal side of the blogosphere and, in the process, cemented my love for Ms. Brittney.

It’s somewhat convoluted, so follow carefully.  There’s Kleinheider, who is something of a famous right wing blogging pundit who is a co-worker with the fabulous Ms. Brittney, who you may recall, is often given grief for being far too left-leaning.

Eleanor over at Knoxviews decided that it was a great travesty that Kleinheider didn’t link to Knoxviews, Brittney sticks up for him, and chaos ensues

Eleanor and Brittney get into it, with Eleanor suggesting that Brittney isn’t a true liberal because she doesn’t denounce WKRN’s hiring of Steve Gill, a conservative blow-hard, and Brittney delivering a smack-down so delicious that I feel compelled, even hours later to proclaim my love for her in public.

If Brittney and Amanda were the same person, I would move her to Massachusetts, marry her, and then force Kleinheider to watch us have sex*.  Because, here’s Eleanor doing that typical waffle-y “I’m surprised I got called on my bullshit and so I’m just going to make all kinds of threats and call all kinds of unfair” and threatening to contact Brittney and Kleinheider’s boss and Brittney just comes in with the

You go ahead and write those letters, girlfriend. But you should know my boss is a Republican. He spells his name S-E-C-H-R-I-S-T.

God damn.  Whew.  I must fan myself just to reread it.

I guess the truth is that I kind of find bad-asses of both genders irresistible.





*You know, some people who know me professionally read Tiny Cat Pants.  I don’t mind for the most part; I think it’s kind of cool.  But then I say shit like that and I think, “Shoot, that’s probably not wise.”  And I move to delete it.  That bugs me.  I hate feeling like I should guard myself in this medium that I love precicely because it rewards outragiousness and audacity.

I don’t know.  Just something to think about.

6 thoughts on “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

  1. I saw the outside edges of this mess today and I started to read it and follow what was going on. But then I saw the line "I was going to bitch…" in the original post by this Knox Views person and I already knew how it was going to end. They were already out of their league before they even started. I can’t stand it when someone mis-spells someone else’s name and thinks it’s a put down. I agree with you. Well done.

  2. I’m so tired of this. Lay off Eleanor. It’s pretty clear that Brittney is a closet Republican. Here’s why:1. She named her dog "Tootie."2. "Tootie" was the name of the black girl on <i>The Facts of Life</i>.3. <i>The Facts of Life</i> was set at a private girls’ boarding school.4. Everyone knows that Republicans support vouchers to pull minorities out of public schools.5. Brittney doesn’t send “Tootie” to public school. I think that settles it.

  3. Roger Abramson! This is clearly a thread about how much I love Brittney. When you come in here and post things like that, you risk making this a thread about how much I love you.Therefore…Um, well, I don’t really have a ‘therefore’ except to say that your ‘Tootie Theory’ is hilarious.

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