When I Dream, I Dream of You

Last night, I dreamed that the Knucklehead was making a commercial for Mothership BBQ and that I was one of the backup singers, along with SistaSmiff.

Knuck was dressed like fat Elvis and Smiff and I and some other woman were dressed in long spangly red dresses and big long white gloves and we had big beehive hair-dos.  So, yes, Knuck was dressed like he was from the 70s and we backup singers were dressed like some 60s girl group.

And Smiff did not want to sing our back-up lyrics, which were


You can’t eat no better at that other shit

Than you can at the motherfucking Mothership

And, I must say, that dream Smiff probably had a point that no matter how good the jingle is, if your spangly back-up girls are cussing like sailors, you aren’t going to get a lot of airtime on TV or radio.

8 thoughts on “When I Dream, I Dream of You

  1. Wow. So, there is a limit to the waywardness of the girls you let into Sarcastro’s Home for Wayward Girls and Courtney Love is it.Hmm.Well, if you were going to date her, I’d recommend removing any guns from the house. Just in case the rumors are true.

  2. Was I there with no pants on? Maybe I just wandered through that dream last night…This cold and benadryl combination is kicking my ass!

  3. B..girl…you are two for two in cracking me up the last couple days. I think Knuck oughta give us a serious thought when planning his jingles. I’d say shit on the air. I leave the MF word up to Mr. Smiff. He’s lots more colorful talking than I.

  4. What’d I give to be juicing up on the Benadryl and wake up in the middle of the night with FX on and THAT commercial comes on…helpmerhonda..The only thing better, well maybe almost better, would be to see ‘The Swanky Modes’ doing that commercial..

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