More People Should Address Me This Way

I was walking into Walgreens and a man was walking out.  He did a double-take and said, “Hey.  Hello beautiful woman.”  And then he smiled a little embarrassed grin.

What the fuck, America?

How nice is that?

I don’t inspire emotions in many men, I guess, but the emotions I do inspire in the few so inspired seem to be pretty strong.

9 thoughts on “More People Should Address Me This Way

  1. Wasn’t it in the doorway of Walgreen’s that you danced with a man? Maybe this new life devoid of Wal-Mart is really working for you.

  2. It was that same Walgreen’s! I hadn’t put that together. Maybe it does have an agreeable energy.

  3. I wasn’t, but I was wearing a white shirt that, in the sunlight, possibly could have been more see-through than a gentleman might be expecting at 4 on a Friday afternoon.

  4. How lovely. You know he was just showing the proper respect to the Queen of the World, darlin’. In a more royalty-friendly atmosphere, he probably would have bowed and kissed your hand. And said, "Your Majesty."

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