Richland Greenway

Mrs. Wigglebottom and I decided that it makes no sense to drive clear out to Belle Meade to walk around their park when we have a perfectly fine greenway down at the end of Murphy Road not five minutes from our house since gas is so expensive and the magical gas fairy is not filling up our tank for free.

So, frankly, since the trail goes right along the the railroad and the golf course, I wasn’t really expecting anything special.

But wow, was I wrong. 

We parked at McCabe park and walked clear to the other end of the trail, across the bridge behind H.G. Hill’s and then back.  The map claimed it was 2.75 miles, but I think it seemed a little shorter than that.  By the time we got back to the car, I didn’t feel like I’d been five and a half miles, more like four.  But who knows?  Maybe Mrs. Wigglebottom and I are in better shape than I think.

Anyway, let’s go over the cool-ass shit.

1.  White Bridge Road is called "White Bridge Road" because, the map claims, that little bridge off to the side of the road is the white bridge.

2.  The path is well laid out.  Kudos to the landscape architecture.

3.  Tucked back just when you’re kind of tired of looking at wild flowers is the most awesome little bit of Nashville history.  You walk between some old stacks of rock and suddenly you’re looking right at a curve in the train tracks.  The sign informs you that this curve is Dutchman’s curve and at this location is the sight of a terrible fatal trainwreck.

4.  Did you know that the golf course there at McCabe park used to be an airfield?

Anyway, it’s a nice path and they’re going to open the other segment this fall which will make it twice as long, which will be nice.  I’m excited about going back, but someone is going to have to work on her passing other dogs manners.

The only drawback is that there aren’t enough garbage cans and so a girl can find herself carrying dog poop quite a ways.

But damn, if you’re interested in railroad history or Nashville history, the little shrine-like area to the train wreck is a must-see.


Whew, damn.  I feel kind of wiped now, so maybe it was farther than I thought it was.  It’s flat so it goes fast.