Joe Scarborough

Y’all will recall that, since the dawn of Tiny Cat Pants, I have had an enormous crush on Dan Abrams and would, in fact, leave work early in order to get home to watch him.

Yesterday, I came home and turned my TV on at five and sat there entranced at a man who looked a tad Republican-y but together and, if I may say so, somewhat hot.  Okay, quite hot.

And then I realized it was fucking Joe Scarborough!

I feel like I should wash my eyes out with bleach.

Could you stick anyone on MSNBC at five in the evening and find me sitting there like a dog watching a squirrel?

Is there some inexpensive treatment for this?  I should start working later, I think.

4 thoughts on “Joe Scarborough

  1. At least I have not stooped to Tucker Carlson. I have that to hold onto.No offense to anyone who finds him attractive or whose spouses do. But egad! There is a man in need of a haircut if ever there was one. Either have long hair or have short hair. Pick one, Tucker! Pick one.

  2. Just wait til you see Tucker on Dancing with the Stars in a few weeks…then you’ll be re-glued at 5 again….lol

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