I never did get to run my errand and drive around with the windows down singing “Why Have you Left the One You Left me for?” at the top of my lungs, because I got back from lunch and was just swamped with stuff to do.

And now, finally, I’m home.  The house is a sty.  I need to eat something.  I have a ton of work work on the couch.

I wish there was a fool-proof way of knowing if Smiley and co. were over at the Sportsmen’s Grill, as I could use a beer and some laughs, but I don’t want to drive over there to see.

One of you must know about computers.  I need a cheap laptop I can plug into an ethernet jack at various hotels.  I also need a good excuse for the Butcher who wants us to spend any extra money on a digital camera. 

I’m having a hard time thinking of any money we have as “extra” as it seems like we should do the right thing and hoard it all. 

But anyway, pretend we’re made out of money.  What do you recommend?  All it really needs to do is get me on the internet when I’m traveling.

Also, I would like traveling a whole lot more if I could bring Mrs. Wigglebottom.  Too bad they don’t make purses big enough to stash her in.

“It all points to a man with a dream, a strange one but a dream nonetheless”

Y’all should get over to the Mothership BBQ, as Knuck looks very cute today–eyes a sparklin’, scruff a growin’, register a ringin’.  Plus, look at the nice review he got in the Tennessean.

Everyone I had lunch with–Huck, John H., Sean Brainsted… Branstead… something, Newscoma, the Rodent Queen, the two folks at the other table–all also looked very cute today.

I really wish I had a pick-up truck.  Or a semi truck.  God, that would use a lot of gas, but how awesome would it be to drive a semi truck cab around town?

Seems Like It’s Going to Be Beautiful Out

Today’s the kind of day you want to spend driving around your favorite semi-famous place to live.  Happily, I have plenty of work-related errands that require me to be out and about, plus, lunch with Huck.

And Newscoma and the Rodent Queen!

Ha, does that not sound like an off-Broadway musical about 24-hour cable news channels?

Roger Abramson could star as the bright, insightful conservative run out of town by the idiot wing of his political philosophy who’s come to the big city to make it on MSNBC.

Oh I used to work for the Nashville Scene

Dum di diddly i 0 oh

But that didn’t fit my network dreams

Dum di diddly I ay

So, I’m off to the bright lights of the big city

Hoping one of those light will shine on me

I’ve got a casual, smart way about me

I know I could be on TV

Yes, I know I could be on TV


It’s Dark Out!

My landlord is still mowing our lawn.  I don’t know why, but it irritates me so much I got up from my nap, refrained from throwing chairs at him, and came over here to complain to y’all.

Who mows the lawn in the dark?

Sure, he can mow our lawn in the dark because the grass is over three feet high in some places, which means it’s easy enough to see where you need to put the mower, even in the dead of night, but come on!

I could mow our lawn in twenty minutes and I’m a big fat baby who hates physical labor, if I mowed our lawn once a week.

It takes him two hours to mow our lawn, though, because, bless his heart, he’s out there with an old crappy push-mower trying to tame the wild prairie.

Shoot, he’d have an easier time of it if he just staged a controlled burn.