It’s Dark Out!

My landlord is still mowing our lawn.  I don’t know why, but it irritates me so much I got up from my nap, refrained from throwing chairs at him, and came over here to complain to y’all.

Who mows the lawn in the dark?

Sure, he can mow our lawn in the dark because the grass is over three feet high in some places, which means it’s easy enough to see where you need to put the mower, even in the dead of night, but come on!

I could mow our lawn in twenty minutes and I’m a big fat baby who hates physical labor, if I mowed our lawn once a week.

It takes him two hours to mow our lawn, though, because, bless his heart, he’s out there with an old crappy push-mower trying to tame the wild prairie.

Shoot, he’d have an easier time of it if he just staged a controlled burn.

3 thoughts on “It’s Dark Out!

  1. Well, I do like when he mows the lawn. I just wish he’d do it more often and not after, say, seven at night. It’s just a thing of mine, but I’d rather my landlord not come creeping around my house after dark unless there’s an emergency.

  2. Amen…no creeping.I had a neighbor, years ago who was *ashamed of his skin* and would mow at night, only he’d pull the car sideways in the driveway and make this huge spectical out of it! I loved that guy!

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