Seems Like It’s Going to Be Beautiful Out

Today’s the kind of day you want to spend driving around your favorite semi-famous place to live.  Happily, I have plenty of work-related errands that require me to be out and about, plus, lunch with Huck.

And Newscoma and the Rodent Queen!

Ha, does that not sound like an off-Broadway musical about 24-hour cable news channels?

Roger Abramson could star as the bright, insightful conservative run out of town by the idiot wing of his political philosophy who’s come to the big city to make it on MSNBC.

Oh I used to work for the Nashville Scene

Dum di diddly i 0 oh

But that didn’t fit my network dreams

Dum di diddly I ay

So, I’m off to the bright lights of the big city

Hoping one of those light will shine on me

I’ve got a casual, smart way about me

I know I could be on TV

Yes, I know I could be on TV