Guess Where I’m Blogging From Now!

My couch! Yep. I’m sitting on my couch and I guess I’m also, for the first time, stealing someone’s wifi, since I have no other explanation for how I’m able to surf the internet while not plugged into the ethernet cord dangling from the Bellsouth connection.

I wonder if it’s the wifi from Centennial Park. I wonder if I’m close enough to pick up on that.

Is it wrong to steal an internet connection? Am I stealing? It was just floating out there for my computer to find. I didn’t intentionally find it.

What do you all think?

I am sorry to admit this, but the novelty of being able to blog from my couch makes me unable to wisely consider the ethics of it.  Y’all, I can blog with the dog curled up next to me.

Clearly, that’s how god intends for a woman to blog.

9 thoughts on “Guess Where I’m Blogging From Now!

  1. I think some people (like me) deliberately leave their wireless networks unencrypted, and don’t mind if someone uses our spare bandwidth. Don’t download gigs of porn, or play high-bandwidth video games, and everybody’s happy.Or your neighbors are clueless about configuring wireless networks (admittedly not too straightforward), and they would really resent it if they knew. What do you believe is the default setting for human nature?

  2. ". Y’all, I can blog with the dog curled up next to me.Clearly, that’s how god intends for a woman to blog."That’s how I’ve always blogged. It adds a little extra spice.I used to think it was stealing. Now I’m kind of the opinion that if it’s not encrypted it’s not stealing. Like free brochures at Walgreens.

  3. Yeah, I think the chances are, they wouldn’t mind, unless they are on a plan with really low download limits and you are using a lot of bandwidth. And if that’s the case, then you are teaching them a valuable lesson about the importance of encryption.

  4. if they are too lazy (like me) to encrypt or apathetic, then it seems to me not much different than giving you tomatoes out of my garden. My labor, my seeds….your pleasure…

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