Another Open Letter to the Law Students

Dear Law Students,

I realize that you are just the hard-working beneficiaries of a totally fair, totally unrigged market system based solely on a grand meritocracy that rewards those who deserve it and punishes those who can’t get with the program.

 My inability to park near my building was clearly my own fault, for had I been better able to capitalize on the opportunities presented to me, I too could have had a daddy fund my whole god damn life.

But I suck, so go ahead, park in my spot.


Aunt B. 

3 thoughts on “Another Open Letter to the Law Students

  1. And don’t even get me started about parking on my side of the River last friday.I sat here and looked out my window to see a row of SUVs blocking cars in all day long. I said to several people in our office "What if you got a call that your son was in the hospital and needed to go? How would you get out? Traffic and Parking certainly isn’t doing anything about it."They FINALLY after much bitching and moaning started ticketing those parked in the most non-spaces like the lawn or behind other cars but… no towing until next week. "We don’t know who a donor is or if the car belongs to someone associated with the Board of Trust."Bullshit.But those of us who pay for the hunting licence that is a parking sticker at the University that shall not be Named do any of the sort and we will be towed in an instant.Nice double standard there Deputy Dog Asshat.

  2. I will never understand employers who want employees to pay in order to park. You want folks to come to work and do work. Shouldn’t you facilitate their ability to do that by providing them some parking? It’s just weird to me.

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