I Spend the Afternoon Thinking of W.

Today I watched this awesome show about the crazy engineers who are trying to design a bridge over the straights of Gibraltar.

It was awesome on its own, just in terms of coolness. But I have to say that knowing someone who designs bridges that go over water made watching it even more thrilling. I did sit and wonder what W. thinks when he watches shows like that. Does he someday want to be the kind of bridge builder who dreams of making bridges that can span continents? Does he go out to the bridges he’s designed to watch them being built? Is it scary or thrilling or has it become mundane?

It kind of makes me sick to my stomach just to think about it.

When I was out in Colorado visiting JR and Elias, they took me way up into the tundra of the Rockies, and I thought I would have to barf or just live up at the rest area, perhaps tied to it by a series of sturdy ropes that would prevent me from falling off the face of the earth.  And JR asked me what I would have done if I had been married to a man who wanted to cross the mountains to move west, and I said, and it’s true, “He would have had to do it without me, then.”

One thought on “I Spend the Afternoon Thinking of W.

  1. Yes. To all of the questions. It actually has become mundane on the smaller ones, but the larger ones are a thrill to see going up. And there are one or two that scare me when I think about them.But to be honest, after my experience on the Mackinac Bridge I’m not sure I’d want to drive across the Gibraltor Bridge.

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