Strange Things Happen When You Mess With the Morning Routine

It was raining when I got up, so I ate breakfast and then, once the rain had stopped, took the dog for a walk, which is, obviously, opposite of the way things usually go.

Was that an omen for the strange thing we would see on our walk?


We saw an old man dressed in a gray sleeveless t-shirt, brown cowboy boots, and a red skirt.  He had short gray hair with a big bald patch in the middle and didn’t seem to be in drag.  Have men finally caught on that skirts are more comfortable in hot weather?

Has a fashion revolution that makes sense finally started right here in our little run-down neighborhood?

I can only hope.

10 thoughts on “Strange Things Happen When You Mess With the Morning Routine

  1. i always thought that skirts for men just made sense because of their dangling parts. isn’t that more comfy than being tucked up in pants? likewise, i thought pants seemed like the logical choice for women. funny how the world is bassackwards sometimes.

  2. I know. I can see pants for men for running and playing sports. But when it’s hot and you’re just going to sit around outside and drink beer or maybe do some fishing? I’d think they’d love the feel of getting some air up in there to circulate.Does this prove that the Celts have the wisest men on the planet?Perhaps.

  3. So you’re saying he was Malaysian, or maybe Samoan? If you see him again, ask him whether he knows about a good Indonesian restaurant in town, would you?

  4. You know, he looked just standard issue white guy, but the skirt definitely looked like that kind of fabric.It was beautiful, too, in a kind of manly way. I should have asked him where he shops.

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