So Long Dooce Link. It Was Fun While It Lasted

The link to Tiny Cat Pants finally fell off the front of Dooce. 

Dooce, I don’t know if you read me or just found that one funny post, but thanks.  It was good fun to have so many new people stop by.

In the end, I just over 5100 hits from and had to buy extra bandwidth to make room for all y’all.

Very cool.

7 thoughts on “So Long Dooce Link. It Was Fun While It Lasted

  1. I just wanted to say that I am one of your new people that found the way here from Dooce. I enjoyed reading so much that you are now on my bookmark page.

  2. if you’re happy well then so am I, since I’m not sure whether a dooce is a pair, or one of them things that hangs over the shower rod

  3. I was sent by Dooce too and just wanted to thank you for the laughs. You’re in my blog roll and a must read every day. Thanks also for the mention on your site!

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