The Quintessential American Song

I think it’s beyond discussion that the Great American Novel is Huck Finn.  And clearly the most American of poems is “Song of Myself.”

But what is the song that captures that certain it which is America?

I nominate “Lovesick Blues.”

Here’s a tin pan alley tune first made popular by a minstrel but made famous by the quintessential country & western star.  It’s got that unique yodel in it, is damn sexy, and seems simple until you sit down to sing it.

Plus, it’s the kind of song that, no matter who sings it, it can be their song.

Baby Dismorphic Disorder

Check this out over at Suburban Turmoil. I have to say that seeing the real live cute girl next to the fake airbrushed version of her is the best argument against kiddie pageants I’ve ever seen.

Do they do these things for boys? Not that the hooligans in our family would take well to that.

Here’s the only way we can clean them up around here:


And that’s just to make them presentable for doing what we do all day in our family: