Pie Wagon!

The Butcher and I went to the Pie Wagon for lunch.  He had the meatloaf; I had the Cajun fried chicken.  We both had the mashed potatoes, which were fantastic.

I have half a mind to get my hair cut like Colette.  Shoot, if I were that hot, I’d sit around all day at the Pie Wagon in a man’s suit smoking and making folks nervous, well, and eating pie.  Because, folks, they have the most fantastic pecan pie.


Also, I would make such an awesome zombie.  My fingers are turning purple and green from the whole drunken iron chandelier incident this weekend and I must say, I think I look cute purple and green.  Some of the Fugates were dark enough to be purple… But I don’t see how that does me any good.

There’s something to mull over.  Is turning the Fugates pink good or bad?  Is being blue a defect that needs to be fixed or did we lose an extraordinary bit of diversity?

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