Perhaps the Space Alien Has Read Kleinheider’s Latest?

A space alien destroyed downtown Nashville before being destroyed itself by tanks that seemed to arrive rather quickly from, I presume, Fort Campbell.

I can only assume his rage was motivated by Kleinheider’s latest tromp into White-Privilege Land.  Don’t think we’re not going to talk about this bullshit.  We are, just not right now, as I’ve got to get home, take care of some girly-shit, and get to a lunch meeting.


Cool Body Modifications

I was just thinking how back in high school we’d go to the UofI for some science-y bullshit that was supposed to inspire us all to go into the math and science fields… at the UofI… of course and how invariably they’d also be having some kind of ag day that same day and how it was much more fun to sneak over there because they had a cow with a porthole in its side and you could look in and see what was going on in one of the cow’s stomaches or put your hand in and get yelled at by the cow’s tender.

Why doesn’t some hardcore body modifier look into doing something similar on himself?

Even if the porthole were covered in clear plastic, it’d still be cool as hell to be able to look inside folks and see how their innards worked.

I am Slain by Cuteness

Y’all the cutest little girl just came to our door.  She was so tiny you could have tucked her up under your arm and still had room for two other tiny little girls.  She had the cutest little pig tails on top of her head that made the cute little fuzzy tufts so she looked kind of like Mickey Mouse.  And she had on a little skirt that was so darling.

And I said, “Hello, how are you?” and she smiled shyly and said “Rhblebh” or some other baby-talk word for “I’m so damn fine I bet you want to come out here and fuck my daddy in hopes your kids would be as cute as me.”

So, yes, the little girl who came to visit was both cute and astute.