A Question for the Ages

Is it worse to be four days early or four days late?

Late sucks, but you’re bound to have a purse full of tampons when you need them.

Early on the other hand?  I see nothing good in early. 


15 thoughts on “A Question for the Ages

  1. Sometimes, that early period (more than a week), especially if it is light, is a sign of being pregnant.Yeah, I got a merit badge in gynecology. Wanna make something of it?

  2. I’m always consistantly late on when it comes to my period, unless I’m on BC pills. But now I’m off the hook until February – woohoo for me!

  3. Early can be a drag, but late stays in the back of your mind as a sort of constant "what if?" so I think it’s worse. I always keep supplies and clean underwear on hand in my office though, having dealt with early just once to often.

  4. I’d have some cute as fuck kids, I think. But god damn, that’s exactly the kind of luck I have. Just when I get myself on a kind of less precarious financial state? Bam, hello Baby!So, early makes me unhappy, but late always makes me think "Oh, so this is how you’re going to insure you never own a home."

  5. I worship at the altar of Depo Provera. With this method of birth control (a shot every 12 weeks), you do not menstruate. I haven’t had a period in seven years!

  6. We have a cat who thinks paper is the enemy. She is also fond of fishing things out of bags left around the house – like mine, the phenom’s, or those of people who visit. Last month, after a friend visited, and left. We discovered what kept Stinky so well behaved and occupied. She’d fished a tampon out of our friend’s purse and was happily batting it about the house. She now hates us for taking her pet tampon away.

  7. bekah, if you are consistently late, then doesn’t it follow that you just don’t have a natural 28 day cycle and you can predict your start days no problem? I don’t know anyone who has a natural 28 day cycle. In fact, I know few women, not on BC, who are more regular than within a 3 day range. Whose idea was 28 days and what was the justification anyhow?Given that, I kinda hate early. 4 days late doesn’t scare me – too soon to start the worrying. But early is not only a mess, it also means more total lifetime days of menstruation, which I could live without.

  8. Since "someone" (not me) had a procedure done, being late doesn’t worry me. I’d like to be a little more predictable so that I could be more prepared. But when I was trying and not trying to be pregnant, late was awful. I probably wasted more money on pregnancy tests because I wasn’t patient enough to wait one more day. (I pretty much always started the day after taking a pregnancy test!) Actually, right now, the longer I can go between periods, the better off I am, so I’ll say late is better!And the 28 day thing…there’s some kind of "rule" of ovulation. It is said that typically ovulation occurs on the 14th day of the cycle and then there is a fourteen day latency (?) period where either the egg has been fertilized and is growing or the egg is just sitting around waiting to be expelled. After that time period, if you’re pregnant you (obviously) don’t start your period, if you’re not, then it’s your "special" time. However, every woman is different and there are factors that can mess with time of ovulation (like illness and stress). But whenever you ovulate your body has the same latency (?) period (again, unique to the woman), usually 10-14 days. So if your ovulation was later than "normal" your period will be later and vice versa.

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