Cool Body Modifications

I was just thinking how back in high school we’d go to the UofI for some science-y bullshit that was supposed to inspire us all to go into the math and science fields… at the UofI… of course and how invariably they’d also be having some kind of ag day that same day and how it was much more fun to sneak over there because they had a cow with a porthole in its side and you could look in and see what was going on in one of the cow’s stomaches or put your hand in and get yelled at by the cow’s tender.

Why doesn’t some hardcore body modifier look into doing something similar on himself?

Even if the porthole were covered in clear plastic, it’d still be cool as hell to be able to look inside folks and see how their innards worked.


5 thoughts on “Cool Body Modifications

  1. We had a cow with a hole in it’s belly at my undergrad school, too! It was fascinating!But would you really want to see someone’s guts or something a lot? I mean, guts and such are cool, but…

  2. I’m waiting for the day when colostomy bags catch on as a body mod.Think of it! No more late night bouts with Montezuma, no more hovering over foreign toilets, no more running and overflowing toilets… The possibilities are endless. For the fashion industry it’s an open book. Me? I think I’d go for a bag in a tartan plaid.

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