I am Slain by Cuteness

Y’all the cutest little girl just came to our door.  She was so tiny you could have tucked her up under your arm and still had room for two other tiny little girls.  She had the cutest little pig tails on top of her head that made the cute little fuzzy tufts so she looked kind of like Mickey Mouse.  And she had on a little skirt that was so darling.

And I said, “Hello, how are you?” and she smiled shyly and said “Rhblebh” or some other baby-talk word for “I’m so damn fine I bet you want to come out here and fuck my daddy in hopes your kids would be as cute as me.”

So, yes, the little girl who came to visit was both cute and astute.


5 thoughts on “I am Slain by Cuteness

  1. WTF!?! What was she doing at your door? Mumbling away. . . you CANNOT leave us hanging like that, Aunt B! And, more importantly – is her dad single or still married to some other chick that is in no way as awesome as you!?!?

  2. We had the door open with the screen door shut and Mrs. Wigglebottom was standing in the door barking at the people going to the neighbors’ house. The little girl, who I’m going to guess was right around two.You know how, once they start to walk really well, they get skinny legs? That’s how she was. All baby fat but skinny legs. And not yet able to talk all that well, if at all.I had to shut the door because Mrs. Wigglebottom was so excited I was afraid she was going to push her way through the screen. So, I never did see her dad.But shoot! She was cute.

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