The Pencil Skirt

So, for the first time in my life, I now own a pencil skirt.  I have some questions for you pencil-skirt wearing folks.

1.  How cute is a pencil skirt?!  Holy shit, I want to spend my whole lunch hour just wiggling my bottom.

2.  How the fuck do you get in and out of cars in this thing?

3.  And how do you walk without taking tiny baby steps? 


11 thoughts on “The Pencil Skirt

  1. You kinda hurl yourself into a car butt-first, is the best way I’ve found. Not too graceful, but it works. As far as the teeny tiny steps, you just take those tiny steps, move your knees a little more, they’ll be less small, but you pretty much have to take tiny steps. HTH!

  2. Hurray! You can be Mrs. Wiggins (pronounced "Missiz-uh Whigginz-uh") while Mrs. Wigglebottom visits. Indeed, y’all should go down the hallway wiggling your bottoms together and celebrating your respective bad selves.BTW, if it ain’t TOO pencil-y, you can hike it up a little bit (around the knees or a little above) to give yourself more wiggle room to get in the car. I second the sit-down-and-scoot-around method, though.Of course, I haven’t worn a pencil skirt in years because I can’t find one I like. I broke down and got a flouncy one on sale last month and am enjoying it thoroughly, though.

  3. This one has these darling buttons in the back that I just am dying over.I promise, we will return to less girly concerns, but I’m having fun in my new clothes.I’m going to try this flop and scoot method.

  4. My method of getting into cars in a pencil skirt:1) Check out own butt in car mirror and give a celebratory wiggle;2) Hike skirt slightly, at least to about three inches over knee;3)Gently lower self into seat at 90 degree angle to steering wheel or passenger seat;4) Swivel into seat, carefully pointing the foot of my outer leg and so that my leg looks good and that I can admire my finely turned ankle and my ooh-la-la heels as I enter the car and close the door.Of course, this last bit is what led a former boyfriend to slam my foot in the car door. He wasn’t ogling my gams as I had intended but instead was trying to get us to the movie on time. So use the film noir leg move at your own risk.

  5. There is no need to flop or hurl oneself in our out of the car in a pencil skirt. There’s a graceful and sexy way to do it (unless you’re in an SUV then, well, be very careful).Watch your head while doing this. Getting in: open door as wide as possible, use left arm to support self with door then TUSHY FIRST, bend knees, bend upper body forward a little and sit into seat. then both legs side by side, knees bent, twirl on tushy and voila.Getting out: feet/legs together, lift up and out to the left, plant feet on ground, right hand on steering wheel or on door, head first out and up and slink your way out of the car. Do a quick scan of surroundings and look at people around you as if to say, "I know, I’m so damn hot in my pencil skirt and yes I did just exit my car with style you don’t have."

  6. I thought I was so clever because I was going to describe for you what I call the sit and spin method of getting in and out of cars in a pencil skirt, but it looks like that’s what everyone else is using too.You could also point and yell, "Look over there!" and then quick get in whatever way you want while no one is looking, but that might get old and people might stop looking over there after a while.

  7. I have always loved the pencil skirt (even when it wasn’t in vogue), because I’m a petite thing and that’s about the only skirt that doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing a potato sack. But the one sticky situation for me is going up stairs. Yeouch! Try that when you’ve got about 30 IT guys following right behind you all on our way to a training session (but then again, I did always get doors opened for me and chairs pulled out for me!!) hehehe

  8. in and out of cars: your rear end goes in first. going in, face the car door, hold the steering wheel if you need help, and put your bottom down and then swing your feet in. going out, pivot to the open door, set your feet on the pavement and stand upright, keeping your head from hitting the door must walk in tiny steps. however, take a look at the slit (i’m assuming there is a slit in it somewhere) in the back and see if the manufacturer has tacked the seam shut at the bottom. they do this to keep the slit flat and hanging right in transit/display. you SHOULD very carefully pick at it or get a seam ripper and just take the stitch out. once you take the stitch out, the slit will swing open nicely as you walk, providing a sweet flash of leg and allowing you to walk better.

  9. Pencil skirts are ultra cute, you’ll look fab but as you’ve noticed there are a few ‘restrictions’How to get in and out of cars has been described in great detail already. Regarding walking, well just make sure you’re not in a hurry! Longer pencil skirts in particular will mean teeny steps, however when I’m hobbling along I enjoy glancing behind and watching all the blokes following you entranced at your wriggling!Stairs . . hmm well best take the lift. And in the office, if you are struggling to stand on a kick stool to get something down from the top shelf, then you’ll soon find an army of men eager to help you!I love my pencil skirts!

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