The Mysterious “Other Butt”

Maybe it’s too early in the week for cooter humor, but this post from Gone Feral has me laughing so hard tears are running down my cheek.

I should back up here and explain that there were certain, errr, anatomical misapprehensions regarding the status of the ‘gina as a bona fide second ass until we introduced the, well, CONCEPT of the ‘gina. How do you know it’s time? When you’re changing a diaper and are commanded to "Wipe butt, mama" and when you do so are corrected with "OTHER Butt, Mama."

3 thoughts on “The Mysterious “Other Butt”

  1. I knew there was a reason my stiz-nistics went through the roof today–a shout out from the initimable Aunt B.! Thanks, man. It’s never too early in the week for cooter humor!

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