1.  I forgot to tell y’all that I think I know what was making me itch and leak weird clear stuff–Capsicum.  It started when I was eating jalapeno-laden queso and continued through the delicious spicy squash thingy the Professor made and has cleared up since I laid off the spicy foods.

2.  And I’m going up to the suburbs for Tiny’s baby shower this weekend.  I probably won’t have time or opportunity to post while I’m gone.  But I will get to see the Shill and the Legal Eagle.  I have half a mind to see if I can start a rumor among the Legal Eagle’s family that the Shill is jus the surrogate mother for the Legal Eagle and my baby and once the baby’s born, we’re all going to run off together to live in some pro-feminist, pro-capitalist commune of joy.

3.  For those of you keeping track at home, yes, the old college roommate I stopped talking to over a disagreement about who should be sleeping with the Legal Eagle’s brother will probably be there, as will, I’m sure, the Legal Eagle’s brother’s wife, who last I saw when the Legal Eagle’s brother was loudly and drunkenly proclaiming his regret over choosing the wrong roommate to sleep with to me at the Legal Eagle’s wedding.

I can’t decide if I hope no one gets punched or if I kind of do hope someone does get in a fight.  Okay, I do want to see a fight at the baby shower.  I just don’t want to be the one who gets hurt. 

Shoot, and who says the Midwest is boring?

BREAKING NEWS: Nashville is Talking & Volunteer Voters Down!

Or, I guess it’s not news to y’all by now. But I thought I’d spread the word for Brittney and Kleinheider, who seem sad and lost without their regular blogging outlets.

I’d offer to take them to lunch to cheer them up, but we all know Kleinheider only eats the souls of liberal children for sustenance and watching him snack on babies kind of grosses me out.

First name taken?  Steve Gill.

When Designing a Logo

It’s important when designing a logo for your multi-million-dollar corporation to hire someone who is bitter and snarky (and who could do a passable James T. Kirk impersonation) and mean to honestly tell you if there’s anything about your logo that’s, perhaps, a little hinky.

The Titans, for instance, might have considered whether they wanted to be known forever unofficially as the Flaming Thumbtacks before going with the logo they have.

And a certain university in town which shall remain nameless but rhymes with shmanderbilt might have thought how much the "acorn" on their oak leaf looks like something more likely found in a baby boy’s diaper.  It’s hard to believe that none of the people who looked at that before it was approved noticed.

Or maybe it’s that way on purpose, to raise people’s spirits.  I know I smile whenever I see it.