BREAKING NEWS: Nashville is Talking & Volunteer Voters Down!

Or, I guess it’s not news to y’all by now. But I thought I’d spread the word for Brittney and Kleinheider, who seem sad and lost without their regular blogging outlets.

I’d offer to take them to lunch to cheer them up, but we all know Kleinheider only eats the souls of liberal children for sustenance and watching him snack on babies kind of grosses me out.

First name taken?  Steve Gill.

8 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Nashville is Talking & Volunteer Voters Down!

  1. He’s a lean guy, he could afford a pat of butter to increase satiety.MMMmmmm, freshly buttered liberal-baby souls…just thinking about it makes me want to punch a gay man and yell at welfare mom.

  2. Just be sure you don’t punch one of those Not-asked; Not-told military gays. I hear those guys who’ve been through basic training can be pretty bad-ass, playing hockey without pads and such nonsense. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.

  3. The not asked, not told, but-I-know-anyway-servicemembers of whom I have aquaintance, could pretty easily break me in half. I prefer to assault the meek and defenseless homosexual.It’s just a thing I have. And earlier it was supposed to be "yell at welfare moms", not mom. Curse my ham-fisted typing.

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